Why Zoop, Part 2

Last "Why Zoop" post was a nice start to answering the question of why creators are coming to Zoop.  But that was just the beginning – we have many other reasons.  If you're seeing this before the previous post, you can always check that one out HERE first.  

So last post, we focused on the support we offer, and what Zoop can do in order to help, advise, assist, and be there for creators running campaigns. Here are some ways we've made campaign creation and administration more efficient and easy:

1) Instead of toying with add-ons in secondary pages and after the campaign, we  skip all of that by offering EVERYTHING on the campaign page.  Why have an "after-campaign" after your main campaign?  That extends the amount of work and time creators have to put aside for their crowdfunding.  By allowing supporters the ability to purchase all rewards AND add-ons during the main campaign, we've eliminated all of the extra work that creators need to do on other platforms.  One of our key differentiators from day one was that ease of purchase.

2) Continuing on with the theme of ease of purchase, we have abandoned the "tier" system seen on other platforms.  Realistically, everyone in the world is familiar with e-commerce, and how to add items to a cart and check out.  Tiers can get overly convoluted for creators to create and price out, and even for supporters to read through.  Many times supporters are buying a tier for something they really want, and then also getting lured into buying items they don't want too.  Zoop solves that problem with our a la carte system.  It's easy, intuitive, and put together elegantly and efficiently for creators and backers alike. All the rewards have images next to the prices and descriptions, so there is no scrolling to another part of the page to match images with descriptions, and prices.  

3) We collect all credit card information and addresses during the main campaign.  This could be a polarizing topic, but we believe the pros far outweigh the cons here.  The pros being that there is no need for surveys anymore.  You've already collected everyone's address.  You don't need to charge them a second time for shipping.  There is no chasing down people who don't answer their survey e-mails multiple times, and then receiving e-mails like "where's my product", when they don't even answer the survey!  If you have specialty items or personalization requests, Zoop helps creators handle those specific items with backers.  But the amount of work LESS that this model provides is staggering and has been truly appreciated by creators who have come from other platforms like Kickstarter to use Zoop.

Next post, I'm thinking maybe we'll discuss the backer experience on Zoop vs. Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  I'm sure there are plenty of crowdfunding fans that are not creators but have their own questions and interests in how our platform works.  Til next time kiddos!