New Podcast Uploaded

Another great chat on The Zoop Podcast!  We livestream on Wednesday nights at 6pm PST and are going to do our best to keep that timeslot with fresh new guests every week.  We've got a new one for ya!

We're ALMOST caught up on posting them here on the blog. Episode 5 of the Zoop Podcast was with Steve Horton.  This was exciting becuase he's the first New York Times Bestselling author to run a campaign on Zoop!  His campaign, alongn with co-creator Chris Peterson for Nine Lives launched and is just about 50% funded! Many original art pages are sold out, so we've made a few more available. Original art, sketches, variant covers, and more are there for your enjoyment! Support now and help Steve and Chris get to their goal!  

Below is a link to the YouTube show, and you can also find it on Facebook, for those who would like to watch the show, and see some of the art showcased.  

For those who would like to listen to the audio version of the show, we are now published on Spotify and iTunes, with links directly to the episode right here!

‎Zoop Podcast: Episode 5: Steve Horton on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Zoop Podcast, Ep Episode 5: Steve Horton - Feb 13, 2023

And of course, we have more shows lined up as well as already live on Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes.  Stay tuned for more comic goodness from some amazing creators!

Thanks for the support, and don't be shy about spreading the word!  Much more to come in the future!