Why Zoop?

We get this question a lot.  Why would I bring my crowdfunding project to Zoop, instead of other platforms?  This blog post will do a bit of a deep dive into some of the benefits of running a campaign with us on Zoop.  We might not get to all of it here, so we may have to do a follow-up post to share more.

For starters, if you're interested in running a campaign with us, please visit https://zoop.gg/submit-your-project, which is basically a high-level, bullet-pointed list of what we're going to get into with this post.  Let's start with the basics.

#1.  You get elevated support.  What does that mean?  Well, let's start with the fact that most creators have no one to talk to on other platforms.  No one to bounce ideas off, ask questions of, or get help from in any other way. You're basically on your own or left to find other resources.  Zoop is a team of people ready to support your goals and campaign.  We want to give you, the creator, the best chance of running a successful crowdfunding campaign as possible.  What's the point of running it if you're not going to reach your goal?  Zoop does our best to prepare creators for their campaigns by analyzing their offerings and providing tips, support and crucial information that helps raise the success rate for creators.

#2. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of running a campaign with Zoop is the promotion we offer.   You're not alone.  We want you to succeed just as much as you want yourself to succeed!  For every campaign on Zoop, you will receive marketing support.  We alert all Zoop backers to the new campaigns we launch every single time through our e-mail marketing.  We share your campaign on social media throughout the life of the campaign, AND every campaign has visibility on our homepage.  Usually in the featured carousel, but always in the Active Projects category, where you'll get more time in the spotlight.  Your project isn't walled off to some promotion or just the community you build – we continue the momentum with each new project promoting to the entire Zoop community.

 #2a. Be a bigger fish in a smaller pond.  What's that mean?  With Zoop, there is no trying to beat an algorithm in order to get any sort of visibility on your project.  You are not competing with 100 other new live campaigns each week!  And that's just in the comics category alone!  No need to hinge your entire campaign strategy on getting a badge.  We love ALL our projects.  And we curate our slate to make sure every campaign gets the visibility they need in order to succeed.  

#3. Last one for this blog post, and it's like I thought, I'll have to split this into at least 2 posts.  But, I'll leave you with this—no waiting for approval to launch.  You're speaking to humans.  We know what's going on with your campaign.  If we're working with you, you're approved.  The only thing we really don't allow is hate speech towards any group.  No homophobia, misogyny, racism, or bigotry of any kind.  Art is subjective, and we'll never judge a project based on the art, writing, or creative effort.  And, we're flexible with our launch dates.  We can set it for a time, but if you miss a deadline, need more time, or need to launch later, we can make that change instantly. Definitely going to talk more about our flexibility and ease of use in future blog posts.

But for now, thank you for reading, and if you're interested in running a campaign with us, or have questions, please e-mail us at hello@wearezoop.com.  Always helps to share info about your project and advance discussions. We hope to work with you soon!