Great Success!

Great Success!

Sometimes we see campaigns that struggle to succeed.  Sometimes they make it, other times, they don't.  What sets a successful campaign apart from those that may not make it, or just barely clear the hurdle?

After running nearly 100 crowdfunding campaigns, we can share at least 1 thing that all successful campaigns have in common.  They TALK ABOUT THEIR PROJECT!  Sometimes for months, or even years before they launch.  The build the excitement to a fever pitch.  They have fans invested WELL before they launch, and you can see that excitement translate to success.  

I know there are many creators that don't want to promote, or feel like a shill.  But, if you do it correctly, (and even incorrectly!) you can reap so many benefits from that added effort.  Remember, you can be the "best there is at what you do", but if no one knows, then it really doesn't help sell your project, does it?

Get out there.  Share the creative journey.  Discuss how much the project means to you.  Be real.  Authentic. Connect.  Bring people along for the ride.  And when it's time to actually buy a ticket, they'll be there waiting to be first in line.  The proof is legitimately in the pudding.  

  • Jordan