I realize that many of my posts on this blog are a bit entrepreneurial.  that's for a few good reasons.  #1, that's my personal perspective on things.  But #2, if you are a creator, putting out your own work, self publishing and crowdfunding, you are also an entrepreneur.  You might say, "well, I'm a writer", or "I'm an artist".  You are also that, but if you are providing goods and services to customers on your own, without working for someone else, you my friend are an entrepreneur.

And as an entrepreneur, things can get daunting.  Tasks can pile up, situations can seem fraught with peril.  You can feel overwhelmed, and unable to move forward.  Whether that's creatively, business wise, or altogether.  And that feeling happens to almost everyone.  

I understand that feeling of feeling like you're making mistakes, or overwhelmed into a frozen state, unable to push forward.  And that's what we're going to touch on real quick.  Trying to push forward when you are incapable will not help you.  You are feeling burnt out.  You need to step away.  Sometimes the path to what you are hoping to achieve is not a straight line.  Sometimes it's 2 steps forward, 3 steps back, a pivot, swinging around the side, taking a flyer, and finally taking another step forward.  

But the important thing is sometimes realizing that sometimes you just need a break.  To stop.  And that break will actually be more beneficial to you than trying to push through, when you're exhausted, and things seem impossible.  It's okay to step away.  That's what I've learned, and wanted to share that with whoever might be reading this.  It's okay to stop.  It's okay to break.  Those breaks will make you stronger, get you back on your path, and allow you to move forward much more efficiently than trying to push through when you no longer can.  Rest.