Another Zoop Stat To Share

Another Zoop Stat To Share

Here at Zoop, we are doing our best work to make sure creators reach their goals, and supporters are able to receive the work that they are helping support!  In this blog post, we're going to dissect our rate of successful campaigns we've run on the site since launch.  

As of this writing (and we know it may well change as we grow), 89% of our campaigns have successfully reached their goal.  Granted, thats out of a much smaller number of campaigns vs. Kickstarter, but still a statistic that we are very proud of.  This number should help creators feel confident about running their campaigns on Zoop.  It should also help backers feel like their support actually matters, and makes a difference to a creator's success.

For perspective, Kickstarter's overall campaign success rate is 40%, which is inclusive of their entire lifetime, and all categories.  However, their comics category overall is 65%, with 2022's rate coming in at a much higher 78%.  Comics is Kickstarter's most successful category in terms of successful campaigns.  Just to put to bed any strangeness, this information is made publicly available by Kickstarter, and none of it is skewed at all.  

How is our percentage of successful campaigns so much higher than Kickstarter though you may ask?  We haven't done a scientific study on this, but we do have an educated guess.

We do our best to set each creator up for success, no matter how large or small the goal.  We explain best practices, realistic goals, how creators can tap into their fanbases, and we actually promote every single campaign, not just select ones.  We love ALL our campaigns!  The ability for creators to have some support, and a human to talk to can make all the difference if they are truly ready to launch.  Because we are hands on with every campaign, we can make suggestions, help tweak, and provide insight that can set a creator on the right path before AND during a campaign.

Transparently also, we do not play by the old rules established by Kickstarter. Crowdfunding is hard, and there are no guarantees.  But, we can offer flexibility that helps some creators reach their goals.  We have extended campaigns at times, because, why not?  Our goal is for the creator to be successful, so there's no need to be so strict just because that's how another platform operates.  

We've also lowered goals with the understanding that the creator still made enough money to go into production and fulfill the project.  Sometimes creators set goals for what they WANT, vs. what they NEED.  If they can still fulfill with the money raised, why not tweak accordingly?

So, for all of those reasons, we've been able to really work 1 on 1 with creators to reach their goals, create product, and come back to do more.  As we grow, we'll do our best  to offer that level of commitment to each creator, but for now, we help where we can, and we're seeing the results.  The beneficiaries of this are the creators, and the fans who want to see their work out in the world!  Thank you all for your support!