Announcing: The Zoop Podcast!

It's taken us a little bit to get there, but we've finally become "content creators".  Notice the quote marks there.  Well, what this really means is we've started our own show. The intention is to highlight the creators we are working with and have their crowdfunding campaigns live on Zoop!

This is a multi-pronged approach.  We are starting with a weekly livestream that you can find at  Our first episode is up now, with the incredibly talented Paul Allor!  Check that out, then support his campaign at

The show is livestreamed across YouTube and Facebook, and we will be posting the video across all our social media platforms.  And of course, the reason it's called the Zoop Podcast is because it is also available on iTunes and Spotify! Here's a direct link: but you can also search for Zoop Podcast on those platforms.

These will be weekly releases, quick 30 minute interviews hitting on highlights, and not dragging.  Insights, fun times, and no fluff. We're ironing out any kinks for Episode 2 with cartoonist Kraig Rasmussen, coming this week here:  You can even click the link to be alerted to when we go live!  

We're working on some video quality issues ;-)

Thanks for your support!  For questions, comments, and submissions, please e-mail us at  Til next time!