The Afterglow

San Diego Comic Con was such a great time this past weekend!  As an entrepreneur who uses these shows for networking, and business, this was undoubtedly the best convention I've ever gone to for those purposes.  Back to back meetings, meeting different people, mixers, parties, networking events, etc.  

It's always great to see that people know Zoop, and what we're doing in the world of crowdfunding.  It's also so interesting to learn what other people are doing in the industry, with tech, creative, publishing, and more.  There really is no substitute for this show in particular.

I go to ALOT of conventions, probably like 8-12 per year.  And this particular comic-con was just stacked this year.  I don't know why, can't really explain why it hit on all cylanders.  Maybe it was the first true year back after the pandemic?  Maybe the "no actors" made more people available for other things?  But the roster of talent, the executives and other people we met with were available, receptive, and I think we're going to do a lot of great things coming out of this show!  

Crowdfunding comics is great, but we have larger ambitions.  There is so much more that we plan to do with Zoop, and this show may have been the genesis of quite a few of those ideas an initiatives.  Stand by for more, but just know that San Diego Comic Con 2023 is where some serious groundwork was laid for the future of Zoop!