Alright, who's going to San Diego Comic Con this year?  Is it business?  Or pleasure?  A little bit of both?  Of course.  Well, we're roughly 2 weeks out from the biggest event of the year.  And I know people attend for all different reasons, fandoms, etc.  Let's talk just a little about prep for the biggest comic convention of the season, shall we?

Comfortable shoes and socks.  Super important.  You'll most likely be getting more steps in this weekend than most others.  Want to make sure your shoes are already broken in, and comfortable.  And that your socks are thick, and don't have any holes in them!  For real!

Snacks:  I always bring snacks with me to every show.  Usually a granola bar, apple and banana.  Each day.  So, at the very least, I know I'll be eating at least that.  If there are long lines, or just not healthy options around, I know I at least have that going for me.  Plus, it saves you money on buying overly-priced food on the show floor.  And the good thing about these snacks is that when you're done with them, you don't have to carry anything around with you, your bag gets lighter throughout the day!-— This also includes water.  Bring a bottle, most convention centers have places to refill them nowadays, so you don't have to pay for any drinks all day while staying hydrated!

Shower.  I know this is basic, but after moving around, and rubbing up hundreds of other people, you're bound to get ripe.  Make sure you're clean, and add some extra deodorant, or perfume so as not to be offensive to others!  It is much appreciated!

For me, business cards.  I don't know how many times I've met people at conventions on the first day, and they either forgot or "ran out" of business cards.  If you're there for business, make sure you have physical business cards.  Many people are still old school when it comes to that.  You can also have something electronically, but if you're doing business, you want to make it as easy as possible for potential dealings to be able to reach you.

A bag.  One that works for you.  Most likely you will be leaving with more than you arrived with.  Make sure you have something that's comfortable and functional.

That's all for now.  Got more prepping to do!