Pushing Through

So, this posting is going to be a little more personal, and maybe a bit more interactive. Would love to get some feedback and input from those of you reading this blog.

We all go through hard times sometimes. And sometimes those hard times are while you're working on something important to you. Maybe it's a crowdfunding campaign!

How do you push through? Whether it's health issues, personal issues, money issues, etc. How do you find the positive when things feel negative? Do you find solace in friends? Relief from drinking? Meditation? Exercise? Do you put things off for a better time?

With mental health being prioritized now more than ever, what do you do to keep your sanity, and push through difficult times? I'd personally love to know, and hopefully a conversation like this will be of help to others.

Sorry if this was off the usual topic of crowdfunding, but also found it to be important to everyone. Thanks for reading, and let's hear what you've got.