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So, with Twitter, or X turning into more and more of a cluster than humanly thought possible, with that comes less visibility for small businesses, and entrepreneurs.  That also means less reach for creators promoting crowdfunding projects.  In what always seemed inevitable, but you kinda hoped you were wrong, it seems that Twitter has been less and less effective for reach and promotion, with more and more people leaving in droves.  

People are maybe spending more time on BlueSky, if you can get an invite, or Threads, which despite it's huge first week, I'm not sure has really taken off traction wise?  But the downfall of twitter, people leaving, maybe going somewhere else is no good.  I know for many creators, Twitter was their #1 platform, or channel to reach fans, communicate, promote, interact, and more.  Not so much any more.  With changing algorythms, and strange policies, a number of people have had enough.  

So, how can you counteract this?  The one answer I have at the moment, is via e-mail.  Yes.  You have control over e-mail.  There is no ONE platform that controls e-mail.  And it is a direct 1 to 1 communication tool for anyone looking to promote a product, or say a crowdfunding campaign.  So, build up an e-mail list.  Start a substack, a patreon, collect e-mails the old fashion way with a clipboard while tabling at conventions.  But, e-mail helps you get through all the mess that social media has been shoving our way for a while now, with no regard for how we use the platform to our benefit.  And when I say "we", I mean the entire crowdfunding community.  

And it may be a while before another platform comes in to fill the void that twitter left in any meaningful way.  I know a lot of people have migrated over to BlueSky, but time will tell if that's "the" spot.  In the meantime, e-mail, e-mail, e-mail.