Exclusive comic! Cover by Des Taylor

Today is a very big day in the history of Zoop. Today, we are launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on Yes, you read that correctly! Zoop, the crowdfunding platform, is running a crowdfunding campaign on another platform! But here's why!

Republic is an EQUITY crowdfunding platform, that allows companies like Zoop to raise capital from their user bases, personal connections, and all other investors. So, instead of offering a product for pre-order, like you might be used to on the Zoop platform, we are not providing a product. Instead, when you back our campaign, you are purchasing a piece of ownership in Zoop the company! Shares in our company! Isn't that exciting?!?!?

This method is a great tool for a company like Zoop, who has grown a built in community, and can rely on our users to help support us with this initiative. It is meant to provide us with the working capital to not only keep doing what we've been doing for nearly the past 3 years, but will also fund new initiatives and growth expansion we have planned.

We kindly, and humbly ask for your support in this, and to become a part owner in Zoop! And if you can help spread the word, that is greatly appreciated too!

And what's in it for you, you may ask? Good question! In exchange for your investment, you receive a SAFE note at a $6million valuation. However, we have an early bird special, just like Zoop's crowdfunding, to incentivize you to invest early! This special is a 15% discount, meaning, if you invest $200, you will receive $230 worth of shares when SAFE notes convert into shares! So, instead of a $6million valuation, you benefit from buying in at a lower valuation of $5.1millon.

Not only that, but we have physical incentives too. The more you invest, the more goodies you get! In this case, it's an exclusive comic (pic in header), with a super low print run, and a cover by one of our favorite artists; Zoop alum Des Taylor! With each successive reward tier, you get the comics from the previous tiers as well! And, the higher the tier, the lower the print run, and the rarer the comic!

There is so much more to check out at, and we urge you to support early, and share this opportunity with others. Thank you so much for being there for us these first few years. We look forward to many more with you all, and are grateful for your ongoing support!